Protein agglomerate investigation by means of scanning electron microscope / SEM shows the presence of tungsten in the proteinaceous particles. The EDX-spectrum shows all detected elements in the analyzed area. Element amounts are given in mass %.


      • up to 100 times more lateral resolution then an optical microscope – particle size range from 0.01 µm up to 5 mm
      • great focal depth
      • delivers element information from Carbon up to Uranium
      • quantification to a 0.1-1% accuracy
      • surface technology depth information down to 5 µm into the material

How it works

Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDS) to clarify elemental distribution of a microscopic sample. Works best for materials with a higher number of electrons. Therefore SEM/EDS conveys the sample’s elemental distribution with a lateral resolution of approx. 4 µm for elements after the ordering number 12 (Carbon)