Micro Raman-Spectroscopy,

SPE ls raman.ID + LIBS.ID



Particle image and raman spectra of a polyethylene particle


  • Size Range is 0.5 µm up to 40 mm.
  •  Works best in reflectance.
  • delivers within 0.3-60 s high quality Raman spectra.
  • It is non-destructive and virtually free of sample preparation
  • Depending on the application 532 nm or 785 nm laser excitation wavelength is available to optimize throughput and signal to noise ratio
  • Very sensitive to the particles crystal structure (amorphous, cristalline and polymorph particles are detectable)

Particle size and materials distribution of particle contamination in a cleaning in place rinse water sample.



How it works

raman.ID – is a vibrational structure sensitive spectroscopy. It delivers fingerprint spectra of the vibrations of all molecules. With the characteristic spectra it is possible to identify organic and inorganic particle materials by their spectra without specialized knowledge. Even tiny changes in the crystal structure are accessible and it can be used for the detection of polymorphs of one active pharmaceutical ingredient.

The Raman spectra from the particle´s material is compared with previously recorded spectra in a library.


Raman spectra SPE-ls raman.ID identify organic and inorganic particle materials