Medical Device

GMP + ISO documented quality development of methods and routine analyses for the identification of particle contamination on medical device

Particulate Contamination on Catheter, Implants and Drug Eluting Stents

Through rap.ID´s particle lab, you will gain access to over 15 years of experience collaborating with leading manufacturers of drug eluting stents, other coronary systems, as well as medical and dental implants. Rely on rap.ID´s GMP + ISO documented quality in the development of methods and routine analyses for the isolation, detection and identification of disruptive particle contamination.


Medical Device Tests

      • Cleaning validation of brain implants
      • Contact and intraocular lens particulate analysis
      • Micro-spectroscopic material Identification on embedded particles in rubber stoppers and other parts
      • Simulated Use (Stents and Catheders)
      • Particle Evaluation and monitoring coating stability on Drug Eluting Stents, DES
      • 3. Stent Corrosion Resistance – Fretting Corrosion

Compendial Methods

Examples of Fast and efficient investigations