Light Obstruction,

HIAC Particle counting, LO (PAMAS SVSS)



      • Particle detection range from 1 µm up to 400 micron
      • Analysis volume ranges from 100µl up to 1,000 ml
      • Maximum particle concentration is up to 24,000 particles per milliliter
      • Fast and compliant with USP <788> and USP <787>, here it is the preferred method (HIAC, Method 1)
      • 25 ml/min

How it works

rap.ID uses the HCP-LD-50/50 sensor for the Pamas SVSS. Particles are passing a laser beam in the sensor. Depending on the length they need to pass the size of the particle is determined. The instrument is calibrated with spherical particles, therefore only the sizes of spheres are true values. Maximum concentration is reached when two particles could pass the sensor at the same time. Low volume methods are also compatible with USP <787>. Every other shape is re-calculated to the sphere by the instrument. No shape information is provided.