Dynamic Imaging Particle Analysis


proteinaceous particles measured in a biopharmaceutical formulation with a flow imaging device using dynamic imaging particle analysis


  • size range is 2-10 micrometer

o   >5 µm image data

o   <5 µm counting and sizing

  • smallest sample volume is 100 microliters
  • images are stored and show the particles
  • particles can be morphologically distinguished and counted individually
  • 400.000 Particles in 4 min
  • Rap.ID works in compliance with USP <1788> and USP <1787>

How it works

Similar to the Light Obstruction the sample is pumped through a sensor. Instead of passing a laser beam images are collected from the particle and the shape of the particle is determined. Assumptions can be made that spheres are Silicone droplets and that irregularly shaped particles are of a proteinaceous nature.