Know More Particles - Understand & control Foreign Particulate Matter (FPM)

rap.ID offers you GMP compliant material identification of the particle contamination of foreign particulate matter, FPM or chemically specific particle sizing. Within 48 hours of logging your samples you receive a comprehensive CMC report.

Speedy micro-spectroscopy (ATR/IR; SEM/EDS; Raman; LIBS) services by rap.ID are offered from our US FDA inspected laboratories in Berlin, Germany and Princeton NJ. USP, EP and JP Compendial particle counting methods such as: USP<788> (M1 and M2) or EP 2.9.19 complete the services.

For biopharmaceutical quality control and formulation development we offer FlowCam; and sub-visible particle ID on protein aggregates in situ and subvisible particles.

In the last 15 years rap.ID has quickly become Europe┬┤s most preferred FPM identification service for particle contamination identification. Over 500 satisfied rap.ID clients are reaping the benefits of 3,000 particle intelligence cases, using information on 3,500,000 identified contaminated micro particles.